Revealed: How deprived is your neighbourhood?

Model houses on a pile of coins and bank notes. Picture: PA Wire/PA Images

Model houses on a pile of coins and bank notes. Picture: PA Wire/PA Images - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Exmouth Littleham is the most deprived area in Devon, new figures have revealed.

There are 32,844 neighbourhoods in England, according to the Ministry of Housing and Communities and Local Government, and Exmouth Littleham ranked 6,745th on the deprivation list (with 1st being the worst affected).

In contrast, the most affluent area in the district is also one of the most prosperous neighbours in the UK - Exmouth Brixington (rank 10) and is 32,202nd on the depravation - putting it as the 642nd most affluent neighbourhood in Britain.

Our interactive map and postcode tool shows how deprived your area is compared to the rest of the England.

Each neighbourhood is ranked on a deprivation scale, officially known as the Index of Multiple Deprivation, which is rated between one and 10 (IMD) - 1 being the worst affected area.

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The statistics are worked out according to the levels of low income, unemployment, education, health, crime, barriers to housing and the quality of the local environment.

People may be considered to be 'living in poverty' if they lack the financial resources to meet their needs, whereas people can be regarded as 'deprived' if they lack any kind of resources, not just income.

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The top deprived areas in the East Devon:

Exmouth Littleham (rank three).

Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh (rank 4).

Honiton St Michael's (rank 4).

Honiton St Paul's(rank 4).

Exmouth Town (rank 4).

Axminster Town (rank 5).

There is a huge divide in some parts of East Devon.

Parts of Honiton St Michael's where parts of the neighbourhood are the second most affluent in East Devon, putting it as the 973rd most affluent area in Britain, when compared to 32,843 neighbourhoods.

Other parts of Honiton St Michael make it the third most deprived neighbourhood in East Devon, ranking 11,056th of the national deprivation list.

The other most affluent areas in East Devon include Woodbury and Lympstone, Exmouth Halsdon, Ottery St Mary Town, Sidmouth Town, Budleigh - all of which were rated as 10 on the scale and were some of the least deprived areas on the deprivation list nationally.

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