Rodney the robin is a welcome new friend for Dan, 93

Dan Gallaghar and Rodney the robin

Dan Gallaghar and Rodney the robin - Credit: Cotmaton House

Cotmaton House resident Dan Gallagher, 93, has been setting the cat among the pigeons, or more specifically a fearless robin, by befriending the cheeky bird who regularly visits him in the garden.

Dan Gallaghar and Rodney the robin

Dan Gallaghar - Credit: Cotmaton House

Managed by the Abbeyfield Sidmouth Society, Cotmaton House provides supported housing for up to 22 older people.
Dan, who used to be in the Armed Forces, feels privileged to hold the title of chief bird watcher bestowed upon him by the staff and his fellow residents, and occasionally Rodney will even come to Dan’s hand if he has some food for him.

Dan said: “Rodney often chats to me, which I do enjoy. Weather permitting I try to see him twice every day. Most of the staff and residents are very interested in his welfare and always ask about him.”

Rodney the robin regularly says hello to Dan

Rodney the robin regularly says hello to Dan - Credit: Cotmaton House

Manager Louise clinch said: "It is a pleasure for us to walk around the garden with Dan, not just for a chat but to see his big smile while he feeds the robin and in return Rodney happily sings to Dan, which truly makes his day. This is a very special friendship."

Times have been tough recently for the residents at Cotmaton House, who have often been unable to go out or have their friends and family visit due to the pandemic. However, Rodney has been a welcome new friend and, with spring just around the corner, perhaps he also plans to expand his family in the near future.

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