Ruth’s fever launches a charity fundraising idea

Ruth Bullock will be shaving her hair off for Devon Air Ambluance and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Ruth Bullock will be shaving her hair off for Devon Air Ambluance and Marie Curie Cancer Care. - Credit: Archant

A retired physical education teacher is taking on her biggest charity challenge to date - by shaving off her hair.

Ruth Bullock, of Beer, thought of the idea in January, while she was ill with a virus.

The 61-year-old said: “I just woke up in a feverish state and had an idea saying ‘head shave’ and ‘Devon Air Ambulance’.

“This is the first thing I have done on my own and nothing as challenging as this.”

“I decided I should put myself out of my comfort zone and go for it.”

Ruth has decided to raise £1,000 to split between Devon Air Ambulance and Marie Curie Cancer Care, to support a local and national charity.

Marie Curie supports more than 40,000 sufferers and their families across the UK.

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Ruth said: “Devon Air Ambulance is a vital service to everybody.”

As a gir,l she always had short hair, despite her mother’s desire for her to do more with it.

She said “My mother, God rest her soul, would be laughing because she always used to say to me, ‘I wish you would do something with your hair’.”

Ruth has received support from family and friends and her hairdresser.

She said: That moment of delirium became a reality after I started to ask friends what they thought.

“Thanks to their encouragement, I decided I had to see it through, although I have never done anything like it before.”

After going to see her hairdresser, Tara Gibbs, the plan was set in motion.

“I asked her about the idea because I wanted to know if it was true that your hair grows back differently, which it won’t,” said Ruth.

She has organised an event on Saturday, May 30, with stalls and tea and cake, from 11am to 1pm at Green Room Healing, located behind Beer Village Stores.

Halfway through the event, Ruth will have her head shaved.

To make a donation, visit