Safety warning over disposal of old flares

Sidmouth Fire Station in Woolbrook Road

Sidmouth Fire Station in Woolbrook Road - Credit: Archant

The fire service is issuing urgent advice to boat owners along the Jurassic Coast about the proper disposal of out-of-date flares.

Sailors are being alerted to the growing issue of Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEP) being handed in or simply left at local fire stations, which they are not equipped to deal with.

They say pyrotechnic flares are purchased and used by public non-commercial boat owners and have a use-by and shelf-life date.

Once this date is reached, the flares need to be disposed of carefully as they still contain an explosive hazard.

The fire service says that, in getting rid of old or damaged flares, it is an offence to:

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? Put them in household rubbish, garden waste or public litter bins;

? Dump them at sea; they wash up on our beaches and can still explode;

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? Leave them anywhere people could find them;

? Set them off.

Instead, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service says boat owners should contact the place they bought the TEP, if they offer a ‘take back’ scheme, a council recycling centre or marina.

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