Sam is ‘lucky to be alive’ after 50ft horror plunge

Sidmouth student speaks of horror hostel fall for the first time

A SIDMOUTH student who dodged death after surviving a 50ft holiday horror plunge has spoken of the ordeal for the first time.

Lennox Avenue resident Sam Cummins, 22, said he feels lucky to be alive after falling from the third floor window of a Rome hostel.

On the road to recovery from multiple fractures and broken bones, the Sidmouth Rugby Club player is determined to be back to full fitness in the New Year.

Sam has no memory of the fall that left him fighting for his life, but speaking of the nightmare this week revealed: “I’m just lucky.”

“I’m looking forward to going back to university and getting on with my life,” said the engineering student.

“You see stories where people have fallen less distances and fractured their spines or worse.

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“Doctors said I will make a full recovery. I can’t play rugby for at least six months so my pelvis can heal properly, but I feel very fortunate.”

“I can’t remember anything,” said Sam, “My first memory was waking up in hospital a week later. I didn’t know where I was at first, and wondered what had happened.

“Police spoke to people in the room and concluded it was an accident.”

Sam is back working after weeks of rest at home following his release from hospital in early July. He is looking ahead to a new Exeter University term in October.

Scores of goodwill messages poured in after the accident in June.

Passers-by discovered Sam outside the M&J Place Hostel in the early hours of the morning.

He was rushed to Rome’s Umberto Hospital with a fractured pelvis, collarbone and a broken wrist.

Family rushed to the Italian capital to keep vigil at his bedside as he remained in a critical condition in intensive care.

Mum Fiona, 45, was only allowed to see Sam for an hour at a time when she first arrived.

“The state he was in was life threatening and wasn’t very nice,” she said.

“He’s a lucky boy, and has got to get on with his life now. We’re looking forward to putting it behind us.”