Satanic goat killings take place near Ottery

On a farm outside Ottery two goats have been killed in what has been described as ‘satanic’ attacks.

Police are appealing for anybody with information to come forward after two separate, brutal and methodical attacks on the horned animals near Tipton St John.

The owner initially dismissed the first death as a freak accident, but after the second Angora goat was found with its throat slit and positioned where the first was found, they suspected they had both been killed ritualistically.

The attacker struck first on Easter Sunday, unlocking the goat house where the animals slept, removing a young goat from its mother before locking the door and beating it to death. Known as ‘Gremlin’ by its owners, he was placed on his side with his head turned back.

Two nights later the perpetrators returned, and took the mother, ‘Gladys’, out of the goat house and slit her throat, before moving her to the exact spot where ‘Gremlin’ was found, positioned with her head in the same way, leading to suspicions of Satanism.

The owner, who does not want to be identified, discovered both animals, and had to move their third goat, ‘Goblin’ to a secret location after the death of its mother and brother. They said: “I’m devastated as I can never have him back, they were so adorable, children used to come and pet them, since it happened I go to bed every night thinking about them. It’s a satanic thing I’m sure of it.”

The horned goat is a symbol in the occult, meant either to mock Jesus as the ‘lamb’ who died for man’s sins, after a reference in the bible where the obedient sheep are separated from the unruly, non-believing goats.

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Police say they have never seen anything like this in the area before, and want to warn other goat-owners about the attacks, and ask for locals with any information to ring them on 08452 777444 with crime reference number KO/11/223.