‘Satanic’ ritual fears after horror goat slaughters

Cute pet has throat ‘slit from ear to ear’ near Sidmouth

BELOVED pet goats have been brutally slaughtered in separate ‘Satanic’ attacks on Sidmouth’s outskirts.

Police are probing the methodical killings of a young goat and his mother at the same farm amid fears they were slain in a twisted ritual near Tipton St John.

The horned animals’ devastated owners have been forced to move their last remaining Angora goat into hiding over fears he could be next.

“We go to bed every night thinking about it,” they told the Herald.

Heartless attackers beat young goat ‘Gremlin’ to death on Easter Monday before returning two nights later to slaughter his mum, ‘Gladys’, slitting her throat.

Cruel culprits positioned the dead animals in the exact same outdoor spot- placed on their sides with their heads turned back- on both occasions.

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Offenders targeted a goat house as the animals slept and locked its door before committing the atrocities.

The goats’ owners, who want to remain anonymous, said they’ve transported their last goat ‘Goblin’, left without a brother and a mum, to a secret location.

“We’re devastated as we can never have him back,” they said.

“They were so adorable, children used to come and pet them. This is a Satanic thing- we’re sure of it.”

The horned goat is regarded by some as an occult symbol.

Police investigating the brutal acts of cruelty say they have never seen any incidents of this kind before. They warned goat-owners in Sidmouth and surrounding areas to remain vigilant.

Officers have appealed for information relating to the offences and can be contacted on 08452 777444, crime reference: KO/11/223.