Saturdays are for helping others, says Sidmouth six-year-old

Six year old Grace Giddings with her pals Alfie and Poppy Harvey who are six and three years old. Gr

Six year old Grace Giddings with her pals Alfie and Poppy Harvey who are six and three years old. Grace is holding the Thank You card she made for the Manstone siblings after their fund-raising. Ref shs 14-16SH 9749. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

A selfless six-year-old brought the neighbourhood together by selling off his books and homemade bracelets to help his disabled friend.

Alfie Harvey hoped the £31.54 he raised would be enough to buy a hoist for Grace Giddings, also six, who has cerebral palsy, but it will instead be spent on a special neck collar to keep her head supported in the car.

His proud mum, Laura Southcott, was blown away when Alfie said he wanted to give up his Saturday to help – and it is not the first time he has done her proud.

“Alfie’s been friends with Grace since she was a baby and he’s always had a bee in his bonnet about making her life easier,” said the Manstone Avenue resident.

“He wanted to buy her a hoist for the bathroom – and thought £30 should cover it. He understands that she’s ill, but not the severity of it.

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“It was on a Saturday morning, when he could have been doing something for himself, but he helped a friend instead. At that age, I don’t think I would’ve been doing that.

“It was a bit of a street party – it was really nice to have that community feel. It was amazing how many in our neighbours came out. People thought it was a very sweet thing to do and he really buzzed off of it.

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“It’s the first time he’s done anything on this scale, but he’s always tried to help, inviting her to his birthday parties,” said Laura, who also has a three-year-old daughter, Poppy.

“He isn’t like any boy I know. He’s very arty and kind to other people. He makes me very proud – I know I’m doing something right.”

Alfie has brought home infections from Manstone Primary School recently and it has been too risky for him to see Grace in case he passed them on - and he has missed her.

He sold his Thomas the Tank Engine books and loom band bracelets he made to give her a boost.

Alfie said: “I thought of it. A lot of people came past – about 20. Grace was pleased. Her mum cried, she was so happy.”

Grace’s mum said she is thankful that her daughter has some very caring friends.

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