Science students meet animals

YEAR 9 Science students at Sidmouth College got up close to a range of animals and birds of prey on Tuesday.

The students have completed their Key Stage 3 science course two terms early, and following a test on Monday, were treated to something completely different.

Divided into three groups, they went around three labs. They visited cockroaches, black rats, snakes and a giant African land snail from Bicton College animal care unit in one and ferrets and tortoises, also from Bicton, in another.

KS3 science co-ordinator Elizabeth Cozens said: “The students learned about the animals, how they survive in the wild, and why they are being kept in captivity.”

They also got to find out more about the courses offered at Bicton.

The third lab was occupied by Escot Park’s Face2Face Falconry, who brought along a Barn owl, Peregrine falcon and African Lanner falcon. A specific focus was the affects of pesticides on their natural environment.

The visit was jointly funded by the science and business and enterprise departments. “The visitors commented on how beautifully behaved the students were,” said Mrs Cozens. “We’re very pleased with them, and they will commence their GCSE courses next term, two terms early.”