Selfridge comes to Sidmouth

Alan Morgenroth with a plate from Selfridge & Co. Ref shs 1769-05-15TI. Picture: Terry Ife

Alan Morgenroth with a plate from Selfridge & Co. Ref shs 1769-05-15TI. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Govier’s of Sidmouth is showcasing a rare piece of British social history - belonging to the famous Selfridge family - as part of its new display.

The shop’s proprietor, Alan Morgenroth, purchased the 13-inch gold guild serving platter because of its historical significance.

The plate is part of a dinner set which was given by Harry Selfridge to his daughter, Rosalie, on her wedding day.

Fans of the ITV drama Mr Selfridge would have seen the wedding feature during the first episode of a new series on Sunday evening, in which Rosalie was married to Prince Wiasemsky, formerly Sege de Bolotoff.

The platter at Govier’s was part of a 36-place dinner set, which would have contained between 200 and 300 pieces, but only six items have been uncovered.

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The set was not given provenance until an eagle-eyed member of the Derby Porcelain International Society spotted a reference to the set in the book Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge, which the television drama is based on. It then allowed the Royal Derby Museum to date a dinner plate, soup cup and saucer which it had owned for many years.

Mr Morgenroth said: “It is a bit of UK social history; and part of Royal Crown Derby history, they were making that sort of service set 100 years ago and are still making them today.”

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The managing director of Govier’s bought the piece several months ago off eBay after identifying the Russian crest that embellishes the plate.

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