Serial culprit defecates near Sidmouth kids’ play area

Residents and police disgusted at human faeces horror - just yards from public toilet

DISGUSTED residents and police in Sidmouth have slammed a culprit who has repeatedly defecated near a kids’ play area – and just yards from a public toilet.

Officers say environmental health workers “retched” when they cleaned up several large lumps of human faeces found in between benches on a footpath at the Ham last week.

The offender even left a trail of soiled toilet paper.

PCSOs revealed the latest incident, discovered last Thursday, was at least the seventh in a spate of unsavoury finds on the walkway along the River Sid.

They have vowed to up patrols in the area after outraged residents brought the matter to their attention.

Riverside Terrace householder Garland Pickard, 68, branded the offence as “absolutely sick”.

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He said: “It’s thoroughly disgusting, and has been going on for months and months – mainly at weekends. To do it in that area, with all the children that go down there and by the seats, is awful.

“This person seems to be totally irresponsible.

“I approached a police officer on the Esplanade after it happened on two successive nights. By the time I’d come back the council was cleaning it up, so I was very pleased.

“It must be related to drink or drugs.”

PCSO Jay Bowden told the Herald: “This is a health hazard and an arrestable offence.

“The people the council sent to clean it up were retching as it was so bad it made them feel unwell.

“There was a lot of stuff down there between four or five benches.

“The culprit used toilet paper.

“What doesn’t make sense is there is a public convenience just yards away.”

PCSO Bowden issued a direct plea to the person responsible and said: “If you are reading this, just stop it.”

PCSO Steve Blanchford-Cox added: “People and children go down there - this is disgusting and not acceptable.”

Nearby public toilets close at 9pm.

Police have urged anyone who sees anything suspicious in the area to contact them by dialling 101.