Shed falls over Sidmouth’s crumbling cliffs

Paul Griew's shed came down the cliff this afternoon. Credit: ex10sidvalley - Twitter

Paul Griew's shed came down the cliff this afternoon. Credit: ex10sidvalley - Twitter - Credit: Archant

A homeowner has spoken of the moment he heard his garden shed disappeared down Sidmouth’s crumbling cliffs.

Cliff Road resident Paul Griew said he received a call from a neighbour this afternoon (Tuesday) to tell him the shed had disappeared down the cliff on Sidmouth’s east beach.

He said: “My gardener was standing at the end there at 11.30am and I told him not to, thank god he left.

“My neighbour called, she was watching it at the time.

“It take years but it seems with the heavy rain hasn’t been helpful.”

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Mr Griew, sits on the steering group for the beach management plan and called for things to move ahead.

He said: “It’s just got to happen we are talking about 2020, which is at least three to four years away now, but people are going to lose more over the next four years.”

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Eyewitness David Maltby called the afternoon’s events ‘horrendous’ as he watched chunks of the cliffs come ‘plunging down.’

He said: “There were several of them - it was horrendous.

“Chunks of the cliff came plunging down.

“A lot of it was soil from the gardens of the houses above.

“It keeps on happening especially when it rains heavily.

“I’m not sure what can be done about it - it’s just the forces of nature.”See more in this week’s paper.

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