ShelterBox responds to NZ earthquake disaster

ShelterBox response team on standby in Christchurch after killer earthquake

INTERNATIONAL disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, which is supported by Sidmouth’s Rotary clubs, is ready to respond with help following today’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake which has hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch, killing at least 65 and injuring hundreds more.

A ShelterBox Response Team is already on the ground with New Zealand Response Team members Walter van der Kley, Arnold Kelly and Lyndon Tamblyn being sent to Christchurch. They are already in the area working with authorities to assess the need.

In Christchurch, Walter reported witnessing extensive damage and experiencing several aftershocks. Emergency shelters have been erected by authorities but more are likely to be needed.

Lyndon Tamblyn, volunteer ShelterBox Response Team member, said: “We’re expecting the death toll to rise. There are many people still missing. It’s being called the darkest day in our history. We’re in shock - it’s something you don’t expect to see in your own country.”

John Leach, ShelterBox Head of Operations, said: “In this early phase of the disaster the extent of emergency shelter requirements is unclear. Any level of need will emerge in the next 24 hours.”

To make a donation to ShelterBox’s work, either call 0300 0300 500 or donate online at