Now is the time to shop locally says Sidmouth artist

Alex specialises in mixed-media local scenes

Alex specialises in mixed-media local scenes - Credit: Alex Vick

A Sidmouth artist is calling on people to support the high street otherwise risk losing independent shops altogether as hard-hit business owners reopen their doors to customers once more.

Alex Vick, 32, who specialises in mixed-media art and has been selling his work locally in shops and galleries since the age of 16, is appealing to residents and visitors of the town to support the local businesses and to keep shopping locally.

Jacobs Ladder scene

Jacobs Ladder scene - Credit: Alex Vick

The nationwide lockdowns due to the coronavirus crisis have had a serious impact on all businesses especially those which rely on tourism and Alex has felt these effects too.
“Over lockdown my art business and the galleries and shops I display work in have really suffered financially. With the recent reopening of the shops it's now the small businesses that need support and they are relying on the public to shop locally otherwise they will have to shut their doors for good,” he said.

View from Peak Hill

Framed view of Sidmouth - Credit: Alex Vick

Alex and his wife, Megan, moved back to the area recently and had a baby daughter at the beginning of the first lockdown last year who they named Margot. Alex is looking forward to the summer season and hopes it will boost the local businesses where he displays his work and who rely on the tourist season.

He said: “The holiday season is short and so businesses like mine and the shops I sell my work in really have to push sales over a relatively short period of time. I was optimistic last summer between lockdowns when shops were allowed to re-open and tourists began to return to the area. One of the outlets selling my work did a roaring trade for the few months it was open but unfortunately this just didn't last long enough before they had to close their doors again because of another lockdown. This adds to the pressure on this season and business is still slow but will hopefully pick up when lockdown restrictions are fully lifted.
“I seriously considered quitting my art business because of the difficulties over the past year. The time and energy I put into my work wasn't showing nearly enough reward or financial gain. The shops who sell my work have only recently been back in touch and have begun to restock my work in preparation for the coming season. Now is the time for the public to help small businesses by choosing to shop locally.”

Sidmouth seafront

Sidmouth seafront - Credit: Alex Vick

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