Short stay in Long Park: ‘traveller liaison officer notified’ after caravans stop off at Sidmouth park - but vehicles leave within hours

Caravans arrived at Long Park, Sidmouth, on Sunday. Picture: contributed

Caravans arrived at Long Park, Sidmouth, on Sunday. Picture: contributed - Credit: Archant

Caravans arrived at Long Park in Sidmouth, off Arcot Road and Sidford Road, on Sunday. Councillor Stuart Hughes said Devon’s traveller liaison officer has been notified. The vehicles soon moved on.

Devon’s traveller liaison officer was notified after several caravans parked up at a Sidmouth green space today (Sunday) - only for the visitors to leave within a few hours.

The vehicles arrived at Long Park, off Arcot Road and Sidford Road, sparking much discussion on social media.

Town, district and county councillor Stuart Hughes told the Herald he had notified Devon’s traveller liaison officer and the town clerk.

“I expect that they will move in a few days and therefore negate the need to seek an eviction notice,” said Councillor Hughes this evening.

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Councillor Hughes’s prediction became a very sudden reality as there was no sign of the caravans later on Sunday night, with locals posting photos of the field empty.

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