Sid Vale Association buys land at Peaslands

Auction bid of �42,000 secures Sidmouth land for future generations to enjoy

ONE of the last green spaces remaining within Sidmouth’s urban residential area, has been purchased at auction by Sid Vale Association.

On Tuesday, during an auction in Plymouth, Neville Staddon, treasurer, and the Reverend Handel Bennett, SVA chairman, paid �42,000 for 1.5 acres at Peaslands.

Mr Bennett said the association understood the land had been untouched for hundreds of years.

“We are excited by this acquisition,” he said. “As a conservation society we want our members and the residents of Sidmouth to be able to enjoy this land in perpetuity, without the threat of building development.

“We used the Sidmouth Landscape Fund (which is shared with the National Trust), and the price paid was �42,000.”

The land lies to the south of The Knapp, behind houses at Knapp Hill, and adjoining Peaslands at one end.

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Mr Bennett said an announcement would be made when the land can be opened to the public.

He said: “We need to carry out tree and environment surveys, and to see in what ways the land can be best accessed on foot.

“It may be possible to link with the Knapp and improve amenity walks. We have a good neighbour policy, and will be consulting with our new neighbours in due course.”

Asked how the land would be managed, Mr.Bennett said: “Members already volunteer to maintain our other land holdings for the benefit of the community.

“We are hoping that a new team of members will be formed amongst those who may live more locally to Peaslands.

“We also believe other local residents will appreciate the benefits of sustaining this green space.

“If they are not already members of our association, they may wish to join.”

Membership application forms are available from Sidmouth Museum, or can be downloaded from