Sid Vale Association couple at Queen’s garden party

Queen’s garden party is “day to remember” says former SVA chairman Handel

A COUPLE from Sidmouth had no chance of meeting the Queen when they attended one of her garden parties recently.

Handel and Joan Bennett of Victoria Road, were among 2,000 attending and had no idea why they had been invited.

But, said Handel, Sid Vale Association’s former chairman, he assumed it was because of their work with the SVA.

He said: “You had to be standing in the front row to have an opportunity of speaking to the Queen.”

The crowd, made up of bishops and clergy, servicemen from Canada and America, diplomats and council chairmen, was split in two by Beefeaters.

“She darted from side to side and seemed remarkably agile for someone over 80.

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“Prince Philip dutifully followed two paces behind, except when he found someone else to talk to and got left behind.”

The royal couple spoke to many in the crowds and toured the palace gardens, making it, said Handel: “another great day to remember.”