The Amazing Biodiversity of the Sid Valley

Honey Bee on Verbena bonariensis Picture: Chris Triner

Honey Bee on Verbena bonariensis Picture: Chris Triner - Credit: Archant

All these photos were taken in the Sid Valley; what an incredible abundance of wildlife we have.

But how many have you seen?

For me the most elusive species is the adder, I have never seen one, but this individual was caught on camera on Mutters Moor by Robin Fuller. These species are just the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands more to observe and record.

We have represented some of the most well-known groups of living organisms. Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed their pictures and spent their time patiently observing the natural world.

The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group aims to care for and enhance the habitats within our environment to benefit this wildlife, ensuring the Sid Valley is a rich and exciting place for us all to live.

Why not join us in the discovery of our fellow organisms by emailing:

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