Have a gander at Sidbury Into Drama’s pantomime Mother Goose

A scene from Mother Goose. Picture: Sidbury Into Drama

A scene from Mother Goose. Picture: Sidbury Into Drama - Credit: Archant

Sidbury into Drama’s (SID’s) pantomime for 2020, Mother Goose, will be staged at Sidbury Village Hall from Wednesday, February 26, until Saturday 29.

The traditional panto follows the fortunes of Mother Goose, a big-hearted poetess, her twins Brucey and Lucy, and their pet goose, Priscilla.

The family are poor and have to survive by selling Priscilla's eggs, until a chance meeting with a fairy godmother who turns all the eggs into gold.

This transforms the family's fortunes, but also attracts the attention of their wicked landlord, Baron Gammonchops, who plots to kidnap Priscilla and steal all her eggs.

Will the family, aided by a cast of characters including Intuneo, a wandering minstrel, Colonel Gander, and Fluffy the spotty dog, save Priscilla from an uncertain fate?

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Mother Goose is played by Myles Reed, Brucey and Lucy by Chelsea Cross and Faye Chinery, Priscilla by Tracy Stone, Baron Gammonchops by Ben Upchurch, Colonel Gander by John Rush, and Fluffy by Eve Chinery.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for children, obtainable from Drews of Sidbury.

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