Sidford day care users to be consulted over move

DAY CARE services at Green Close, Sidford, will not relocate to Seaton until users have been fully consulted.

DAY CARE services at Green Close, Sidford, will not relocate to Seaton until users have been fully consulted.

Ann Ovens, chief executive for Age Concern Devon, assured the Herald no decision would be taken about moving facilities to Marshlands, Seaton, until users' views had been taken into account.

She said: "We are continuing to discuss, in full, the possibilities and implications of relocating the day service with carers and people who use both day centres to gain their views and thoughts before any such move is agreed.

"There are, however, possible advantages to relocating Sidmouth day service users to Seaton.

"Marshlands is purpose-built, providing much more space for activities and social interaction.

"Many of the people who currently visit Green Close for day care have already visited Marshlands and thoroughly enjoyed their time there.

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"However, we do recognise that transport arrangements would have to be carefully organised to reduce travelling time to a minimum."

If relocation is agreed, friendship groups would be kept together.

People currently using Green Close would continue meeting on Mondays and Fridays, while people visiting Marshlands in Seaton would continue meeting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

"We and Devon County Council will only make a decision once we have taken into consideration everyone's views, but so far we have had a very positive feedback from those we have spoken to," said Mrs Ovens.

An 86-year-old Sidbury woman, who uses Green Close, told the Herald: "I have only just got used to going to Sidford.

"I have been to Seaton once on a brief visit, it doesn't give you much chance to form an opinion, but I am prepared to try it out."

She was concerned some might have problems with a longer bus journey.

"Green Close is convenient and we all get on well together."

Daughter Sue said: "It is easier having mum at Sidford. One day she fell down and I had to collect her. It would not be so easy at Seaton.

"They look forward to the games they play at Green Close, they give them something to focus on. At Seaton they just sat and looked at each other.

*More than two years ago day care facilities in Axminster were moved to Seaton.