Sidford gas pipe work cuts off phones

WORK to carry out replacing gas pipes through Sidford, left up to 14 homes in the village without their telephones.

One such customer was Louis Harzberg of Harcombe Fields, who says he was without a ‘phone for several days over the weekend.

He said: “I had placed some adverts in the Sidmouth Herald as I’m downsizing, but no-one could get through because of this. I wondered if it was just my ‘phone, but my two neighbours were affected as well.”

Mr Harzberg is with TalkTalk, but it knew nothing of the problem. But a BT spokesman told the Herald: “Contractors, working on behalf of the gas company, damaged an underground cable outside the Salty Monk restaurant.

“It was reported to us at 10.40am on Saturday. We went out the same day to investigate and assess the damage and went back on Sunday to install a new cable. This cable was connected and service restored to customers affected by 6pm on Monday evening. We believe a maximum of 14 customers were affected by this damage.”

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