Sidford marine Ross’ Green Beret pride

A SIDFORD man has become a Royal Marines Officer - earning his coveted Green Beret after successfully completing 60 weeks of gruelling Commando training.

Lieutenant Ross Hutchings, 26, passed out at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, in Lympstone, as a member of Young Officer Batch 2010 on December 8.

Ross, a graduate from the University of Portsmouth, has now joined Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines based in Faslane, Scotland, where he will command a troop of marines.

Ross said, “It’ been a really tough but enjoyable 15 months that will live with me forever.”

The distinctive hallmark of a Royal Marines Commando is the Green Beret.

It indicates to others that the wearer has undergone gruelling and physically demanding tests of endurance, by displaying the Commando qualities of, unselfishness, cheerfulness under adversity, courage, determination and high professional standards.

“It’s been a fantastic experience and it doesn’t stop here when I join Fleet Protection Group I could deploy anywhere in the world.” Ross added.

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The Royal Marines form 3 Commando Brigade, which is a core component of the UK’s Joint Rapid Reaction Force. This, combined with the fleet of amphibious ships, ensures that the marines play a major part in safeguarding the UK’s interests at home and abroad.