Sidmothian Anna designs gallery’s garden

Emma Mollony, project coordinator, and Anna Wardrop, garden designer, make use of the old cobble sto

Emma Mollony, project coordinator, and Anna Wardrop, garden designer, make use of the old cobble stones in the grounds of Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Ref mhh 05-16AW 8527. Picture: Alex Walton - Credit: Archant

Garden design was the perfect antidote to working in London for the Sidmothian who is helping to transform the outdoor area of a Honiton art space.

Work is now under way at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, realising Anna Wardrop’s vision of a community garden that will thrive with wildflowers and fruit trees.

It will also feature interactive areas for families, complete with bug hotels, edible plants and peaceful seating spaces.

Mum-of-two Anna was working in London when she realised – being indoors all the time – that she was in fact more of an outdoors and country person - and garden design was the perfect antidote.

Beginning with garden maintenance, she then opened a plant shop in Columbia Road advertising garden design, which led to her working on a variety of projects.

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This included designing and managing the vegetable garden at The River Café and creating the herb and vegetable garden at Shoreditch House.

Since moving back to East Devon in 2009, Anna has worked both in London and locally with primary schools creating their vegetable and sensory gardens.

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When asked why she took on the project at the gallery, she said: “Having already done a degree in art, I liked the idea of creating a garden that linked the art gallery to the local community and working with a range of groups to create the garden for young and old combined.”

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