Sidmouth £250k giveaway winners announced


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Six sports projects to recvieve cash after public vote

MORE than 450 people in Sidmouth have had their say on how to spend £250,000 on outdoor sports in the town - and they’ve opted to support a variety of schemes.

In a joint project run between Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council, residents voted on how they would like £250,000 to be spent on outdoor sports in the town. 457 Sidmouth Town Council area residents (including Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis) took part in the voting.

The funding for these projects (Section 106 money) is available as a result of a number of housing developments in the Sidmouth Town Council area. Section 106 money is collected from developers and spent by EDDC, which has opted to involve the community in how it allocates these funds.

Earlier this year, people who live in the Sidmouth Town Council area were asked how they would like £150,000 of this Section 106 sports funding to be spent. Nine eligible and affordable proposals were received from individuals, community groups and sports organisation. On 6 December at late night shopping, residents were asked by EDDC and Sidmouth Town Council to vote on which of these proposals they most wanted to see happen.

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In addition to this, residents were asked which one of two strategic Town Council projects should receive £100,000. Whilst a good number of people took part, pollsters were short of respondents over the age of 20 - 39, so they then gathered in some extra votes on other occasions.

Due to the amount of money available the majority of the projects can be funded. See the table below for the list of projects that will be granted what they have asked for.

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These results will be presented to Sidmouth Town Council at their next Full Council meeting on Monday 6 January 2014 for ratification.

The chairman of Sidmouth Town Council, Councillor John Hollick, commented: “I and all of the Town Council were heartened by the initial response, with the public putting forward some fantastic suggestions. Following on from the enthusiastic voting in the town the people have spoken. Now we can prioritize the projects, moving on with the confidence and support of all”.

Councillor Iain Chubb, EDDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We are committed to making sure that local people have their say about where money from developments in their parish gets spent. This has been a fantastic opportunity for the people of the Sidmouth area to really make a difference.”

The project funded with the £100,000 for strategic projects will be:

Improvements to cycling around Sidmouth. A cycle route linking some residential areas with the Woolbrook area, in particular to allow easier cycling to school and college. Including improved cycle parking at the schools and local shops. It might be the first part of a future Sidmouth to Feniton cycle route.

Community projects that got the most votes and so will be funded, in priority order:

Bear in mind that people could vote for up to three projects.

Project Priority List Amount of money

1. Improvement of Sidmouth Rugby Clubs two pitches and training area at Sidford. This would level the field and put in a drainage system. £40,000

2. Levelling the current cricket outfield and refurbishing the practice nets at Sidmouth Cricket Club to allow for more coaching and competitive matches.


3. All age outdoor gym equipment in Sidmouth, free to use. This would be traditional gym equipment suitable for outdoor use.


4. Replacing the broken training lights at Sidmouth Amateur Football Club so they can train safely on dark evenings.


5. A new all weather multi use games area in central or lower Sidmouth including markings and goals for sports such as basketball, netball, five a side football and skill walls.


6. Adding an all weather strip to the edge of the cricket square at Sidbury Cricket Club to allow more people to play.


The projects that did not get enough votes and so will not be funded were:

• A new all weather multi use games in the north of Sidmouth (possibly Stowford area) including markings and goals for sports such as basketball, netball and five a side football. Project cost: £50,000

• Repainting the courts at Sidford Tennis Club to make sure the surface is good enough for people to continue to play tennis. Applying for: £6,000 Total project cost: £8,000

• Outdoor table tennis tables in Sidmouth. These would be permanently fixed into the ground. Project cost: £8,000

• The strategic project of an adventure activity area for children and adults. A selection of sports activities all in one place like a fitness trail, climbing wall, outdoor gym equipment. Project cost: £100,000.

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