Sidmouth 89-year-old’s gospel treat

Joan got a front row seat and an impromptu treat

AN 89-YEAR-OLD Sidmouth Gospel Choir fan got a front row seat and an impromptu treat from its musicians last Monday.

Joan Paulson, who turns 90 in October, was invited to see the popular group rehearse at the St John Ambulance Hall by her daughter Wendy Thomas, a soprano in the choir.

“We are in the difficult position of being invited to more events than we can possibly sing at,” said the choir’s Martin Staniforth.

“Knowing that rehearsals are always lively affairs, Wendy invited her mum along.

“Joan Paulson thought she’d be allowed to sit at the back and listen- but that’s not the best place to experience the full range of harmonies.

“She was given a seat next to the conductor and was blasted away by the full-on voices.”