'Fascinating' demonstration from award-winning artist

Award-winning artist Hashim Akib

Award-winning artist Hashim Akib - Credit: Hashim Akib

Sidmouth Society of Artists were treated to an amazing Zoom demonstration last month delivered by Hashim Akib, who painted two portraits in Acrylics, but with a very different delivery to most demonstrators.
Throughout his career Hash has won many awards winning some professional titles, such as the SAA (Society of All Artists) award for ‘Artist of the Year’.

Hashim paints using a block system

Hashim paints using a block system - Credit: Hashim Akib

He began the demonstration explaining that he uses wide brushes (Daler Rowney), a number two and a smaller one, depending on the painting. Using a palette with deep wells to hold more paint and prevent drying, he held the palette up to the screen and also mixed his paints on the side of the paper so that we could see exactly what he was using.

Hash paints using a block system finding the overall shape rather than exact portrait. He makes marks on the paper where the features should be and using the same brush, not rinsing between colour use, the paintings flow and the portraits emerge as he paints.

Hashim painted two portraits in Acrylics

Hashim painted two portraits in Acrylics - Credit: Hashim Akib

This was a fascinating afternoon and because Hash is an excellent demonstrator as well as painter, he grabbed our interest and involved us in the painting. Are we brave enough to take up the challenge and copy his methodology?

If this write-up has grabbed your interest and you would like to enquire about joining us, whether you have been painting for a while, are just beginning or even if you just have an interest in art, we would love to welcome you. Come and see demonstrators from around the country, participate in workshops, and enjoy an afternoon or evening out.
Please find us on the website at www.sidmouthsocietyofartists.btck.co.uk or follow us on Facebook.

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