Self-taught painter gives online demo to Sidmouth artists

Finished painting

Finished painting - Credit: Peter Cronin

Once again, the combined Sidmouth Society of Artists and Exmouth Art Group Zoom proved to be extremely interesting, writes Anne England from Sidmouth Society of Artists.

Self-taught artist Peter Cronin led the online demo

Self-taught artist Peter Cronin led the online demo - Credit: Peter Cronin

Peter Cronin, a self-taught Artist who hails from Bridgend, Wales gave us a good watercolour demonstration of Camperdown Creek, using the wet-on-wet technique. He does enjoy painting outside but will use a photograph if necessary, but will not actually copy the photograph, as what is needed is the pattern when you work.

It was interesting to note that he advocates a good sketch (not a beautiful drawing) prior to painting as this can lead the painter into the order of wash, indicate the lines very loosely and demonstrate where the dark areas will be. He likes to use as few washes as possible, starting with a paler wash and moving to a darker one whilst deciding where the first wash needs to be left. Then, once the sketch is finalised, the use of watercolour washes becomes understandable.

Once again, we had a good afternoon with interesting ideas and a lovely picture at the end.

A stormy seafront in Sidmouth August 30, 1992 - Oils

A stormy seafront in Sidmouth August 30, 1992 - Oils - Credit: Doreen Pritchett

What else has been happening at the SSA? Well we’ve had our first Paintbox Challenge.
Between January and March Sidmouth members were challenged to paint a seascape “Sea’s the Day” and hand it in for a draw. The winner of this challenge was Dorene Pritchett who was thrilled with her voucher for South West Art and the draw can be seen on video.
The next Paintbox Challenge runs from April 1 to May 31 and we hope the draw will take place at our first proper meeting in Kennaway House.

Doreen Pritchett won the Paintbox Challenge

Doreen Pritchett won the Paintbox Challenge - Credit: Doreen Pritchett

If you are interested in what is going on at Sidmouth Society of Artists then why not contact us and find out more at: and We would love to hear from you.

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