Antiques on High teaming up with NBC to provide broadband for Sidmouth

NBC are proving broadband and telephone service to Sidmouth

NBC are proving broadband and telephone service to Sidmouth - Credit: NBC/Archant

As the country heads into an ‘exciting if not challenging’ time, a Sidmouth business owner is working with one of the country’s leading small business communications suppliers to supply businesses in the town with telephones and broadband internet. 

Antiques on High, run by Vince Page, is pleased to be sponsored by National Business Communications (NBC) and while the current lockdown has taken its toll, the third Antiques on High store is due to open in the Lake District next month and will be powered by N.B.C. in terms of its telephone and broadband services. 

Following long and protracted think tank sessions and in a bid to assist all businesses in Sidmouth, National Business communications are not only offering a ‘better than current’ deal on telephone and broadband but also a dedicated manager whereby clients can call a direct line number straight to the desk of Richard Moheeputh, of NBC, as well as being provided with his own mobile number.  

Vince said: “No more listening to music you can’t stand for an hour and should he happen to be at lunch, you provide your name followed by ‘Sidmouth; and he will call you back to deal with your enquiry.” 

While fibre broadband is available in some parts of the town it has yet to receive blanket coverage. 

So, it is inevitable that some businesses will not be able to receive fibre until the cables have been updated.  

Vince said: “Every saving can make a substantial difference to the countless number of small companies in Sidmouth and with communication now playing a major role in their ability to do business and ultimately survive.  

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“Sadly, these days it is an all too familiar story whereby businesses struggle to meet the exorbitant costs dished out by large companies for the supply of such services.” 

Commenting on the service Vincent Page added: “having had an appalling service from a leading supplier since purchasing our Oxford store in 2017 we switched both our Oxford and Sidmouth Stores to NBC at the beginning of the year and Richard made himself very available on the telephone throughout the first and indeed the current lockdown period to answer any queries such is the company’s dedication to customer service.” 

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