Sidmouth Brownies’ farewell to Brown Owl

THE 1st Sidmouth Brownies have bid fond farewell to their Brown Owl – who once swooped in to save the unit from closure.

Rosemary Zirker says she’ll be taking a much-needed rest after youngsters had a hoot when they staged a party to mark her retirement.

Each spoke on why they love being part of the group and then sang Brownie songs before making farewell gift presentations.

The evening culminated in a party tea.

Rosemary has been running the unit for five years - having rescued it from closure.

She has been an active leader, running sleepovers and camps, and organising games and patrol activities and generally keeping the unit running.

Rosemary leaves behind a full Brownie pack with a new Brown Owl - Hannah Boyd ready to take over the many tasks involved.

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