Sidmouth Business Cafe on the move

Two business people at office

Two business people at office - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A networking event for Sidmouth’s work-at-home parents continues to inspire and bring together different ideas.

Mum-of-two Louise Turley’s business café has been attracting up to 40 aspiring and established business owners since it was started from scratch in March.

It began in coffee shop Mocha, but now she is keen to ‘venue hop’ to reach new people.

“It’s going well, the response has been really positive – I think people like that it’s informal and they can just show up if they’re free,” said graphic designer Louise.

“I’ve set up people to work together and made some new clients myself.”

She set up Tiny Feet Designs while on maternity leave, and started the networking events to reach fellow parents who may also be unsure how to juggle the demands of starting a business and looking after a family.

Another mum, Vicky Taylor, said: “It’s nice to see Sidmouth has such a vibrant community of business owners that are just below the surface.”

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The meeting at Kennaway House on Monday featured a talk from Rob Gingell, of the Federation of Small Businesses, who revealed that East Devon’s section had the greatest percentage of members in the county.

He was sharing the benefits of joining the organisation, which already boasts membership of garages, restaurants, hotels and ice cream makers in the town.

Angie Gosse and Nancy Craven attended to make new contacts for their new learning and development consultancy firm, More Than Outstanding.

“It’s interesting to see how many people in Sidmouth are business owners – you meet them socially but you don’t see this side of them,” said Nancy.

“Where else would you strike up that conversation?”

The next meeting event of the Sidmouth Business Café’ is set for mid-November. Louise is still looking for venues and speakers. Anyone interested should contact her on 07767 832295.