Stephen's not afraid to get hands-on to keep business moving forward

Flaunt It

Flaunt It is owned by Stephen Kendall Tory - Credit: Vince Page

Hoping that customers would come flooding back again after being shut for such a long time throughout the pandemic, Stephen Kendall Tory, owner of Flaunt It, was greeted with a flood of a different kind as water poured through his store ceiling!
Following an extensive exterior decoration programme undertaken by Stephen himself, a leak from one of the flats above caused water to destroy part of the ceiling in the popular High Street store only days before it was set to re-open.
Undeterred, Stephen cleared the chaos and set about rectifying the issue to make it safe for customers to come in without the need for a jet ski and dealt with the issue as quickly as he could.
The shop has now been open for some time, albeit with a slightly more vintage look to the ceiling with the original beams and woodwork now neatly exposed.
A long-standing member of the Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, Stephen has been in business for over 40 years in the town and is well known for not being afraid to get stuck in and get his hands dirty preferring to tackle many maintenance jobs himself and can often be seen vigorously cleaning the windows of his store when the weather allows.
As many locals will know, the business previously traded from the premises as Pure Indulgence and as successful as it was it was felt as though the business had run its course and Stephen ventured into women’s fashions (not on a personal front you understand) a few years ago and the Flaunt It name has become well regarded in Sidmouth’ s High Street. 
Being very conscious of the image created the store offers an appealing and inviting environment for those searching for the right look.

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