Cost of living crisis how Sidmouth businesses are coping

Business prepare for Covid restrictions to be lifted on Monday, July 19

We asked businesses in Sidmouth how they are coping with the cost of living. - Credit: Alex Walton

As the cost of living crisis in East Devon deepens, we have asked local businesses in Sidmouth how they are getting on with the cost of living crisis and whether it's affecting them.

While some said they are yet to notice a difference in retail habits as people look to cut costs, while others have said stock has increased in price.


Winstones Books, High Street Sidmouth. - Credit: Adam Manning

Karl East, of Winstones Books, said: "I've noticed a rise in utility bills and business insurance, as a book shop, our supplier costs have also shot up. Books have a ceiling price printed on the back which we cant increase to match the extra charge."

A shopkeeper at Sidmouth Gifts said: "People are watching their pennies at the moment. Everything has gone up in price and people just cant afford it. We have noticed a supplier cost increase.

"The fresh stock came to us this morning and I was told to check the price before putting it on the shelf because its probably increased from last time. Same stock but one higher than the old stock."


Toymaster at Gliddons, Sidmouth Fore Street. - Credit: Adam Manning

Robert Gliddon, from Toymaster, said: "Prices have increased on everything, families come in and say to their kids, you can both have a toy but a less expensive one, which means they are spending less in-store, there is nothing we can do about it other than ride it out."


Giddons Cooks Corner, Sidmouth High Street. - Credit: Adam Manning.

Mark Giddon of Giddons Cooks Corner, told the Herald: "I think its too early to say what damage the cost of living crisis is going to do, we need to wait for another quarter before we can really tell, but I do predict a quite tourist season and people not spending as much in store."

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April 1 saw the first day the cap will rise - by 54 per cent - which will see the next bills for UK households rise.

Since the start of April, a raft of tax rises and reductions in state pandemic support was forecast to increase costs for businesses and, ultimately, lead to higher prices for their customers. At the end of April, we asked what local residents were doing differently since prices of energy and gas bills increased from the start of the month. This week we asked local businesses. 

If you are a local resident of East Devon or a business that is currently struggling with this cost of living crisis and want to share your story, we'd love to hear from you.

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