Mmm! Matthew’s apple pie ice cream is ‘just like grand-mama used to make’

Mmmm apple pie flavour - Matthew Weaver with father Alan, wife Emma, daughter Abigail and mother Pea

Mmmm apple pie flavour - Matthew Weaver with father Alan, wife Emma, daughter Abigail and mother Pearl - Credit: Archant

A café owner has branched out into making his own ice cream and his latest flavour – apple pie – is cooking up a stir.

Chef Matthew Weaver of The Fort Café and Restaurant was looking for ‘something a bit different’ for a new variety of his home-made ice cream.

But in his case it was apple pie like ‘grand-mama used to make’ rather than ‘mama’ as mum Pearl admits she’s not the greatest cook. “It’s something I try to avoid,” she said.

Matthew’s culinary skills come from the other side of the family, in particular his grandmother Edith who died last year at the age of 98.

He said: “She was an amazing cook; I think that’s why I became a chef because when I was young she always used to have me in the kitchen helping out.”

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One of her specialities was good old-fashioned apple pie. So when Matthew was searching around for a new recipe he decided to give it a go.

One customer loves it so much he’s back almost every day. Chris Oakes, a delivery man, said: “There’s ice cream, there’s good ice cream and then there’s apple pie ice cream!”

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Matthew trained with celebrity chef Phil Vickery. His ice cream recipe is secret (of course!) but it includes double Devon cream and it’s gluten and egg free.

The first flavours he produced were ‘honeycomb’ and one for his brother’s daughter based on ‘rocky road’.

The latter proved too expensive but ‘honeycomb’ is still on a list that has expanded to some 16 flavours, plus specials.

A particular favourite is ‘salted pecan and caramel’ and ‘bubble gum’ flavour that’s popular with the children.

Matthew now supplies ice cream to The Chattery in High Street and other outlets could soon follow.

Wife Emma is a big fan: “It’s very nice and it’s very naughty, so we’ve actually got a lock on the freezer door and Matt keeps hold of the key,” she said.

But Dad Alan admits he doesn’t actually like any ice cream.

“I always find it a bit too cold. It gives me a headache,” said the retired managing director, who helps out at the café.

Matthew makes the ice cream in the kitchen in the mornings, afternoons and sometimes in the evenings.

“I have a great staff and they can pretty much hold it without me being there,” he said.

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