Sidmouth cafe reopens with new owners

Andy and Lynda Cole the new owners of the Chattery in Sidmouth. Photo by Terry Ife ref shs 2611-21-1

Andy and Lynda Cole the new owners of the Chattery in Sidmouth. Photo by Terry Ife ref shs 2611-21-13TI To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on myphotos24 - Credit: Archant

A Sidmouth family hopes to bring some stability to a High Street café that has had a turbulent year.

Andy and Lynda Cole have reverted wine bar Number 67 to its previous, highly-regarded branding as The Chattery and brought back some familiar faces.

The couple were keen to get started, and the time between buying the property and opening on Saturday was just two-and-a-half weeks.

“We just wanted to get it back up and running, and then see where we can go from there,” said Andy. “We want to see it bustling again.”

The Sidmothian added: “Customers have been glad we’ve reopened as The Chattery – it’s an old, local place people that are used to.”

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He and Lynda live in Sidford with their two children, who are ‘very excited’ about their parents’ new business.

Andy said: “It’s great to do something locally – hopefully it’s going to be a family business for years to come.”

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The property was open as Number 67 for just three weeks.

Marketing consultant Andy does not think there is a demand for a wine bar in the town.

“It’s been an uncertain 12 months - we changed the name back to leave all that behind,” he said.

“If we don’t offer what people want, they aren’t going to come in.”

He and Lynda have not owned a café before, so were keen to bring back some staff who had worked there before.

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