Sidmouth candidates put their case forward

Sidmouth Town Council candidate Nick Diprose

Sidmouth Town Council candidate Nick Diprose - Credit: Archant

Two candidates are going head to head in the polls next week to fill a vacancy at Sidmouth Town Council.

Sidmouth Town Council candidate Kelvin Dent

Sidmouth Town Council candidate Kelvin Dent - Credit: Archant

Kelvin Dent and Nick Diprose are both hoping to fill the space left by Maggie Baldwin, who stepped down in April.

Mr Dent said: “As a strong believer in public service I have decided to stand as an independent candidate for the town council.

“I am a former solicitor and local government officer and my wife and I live in the South Ward where the by-election is being held on Thursday, July 11.

“Sidmouth Town Council already works hard to enhance the town for local residents as well as the visitors on whom our economy depends.

“However, one area that I would like to explore, if I were elected, would be the scope for working with the police and other agencies to reduce antisocial behaviour which, sadly, affects all our towns, even Sidmouth.

“I also want to ensure, as far as I am able, that the town council maintains a robust response to plans by East Devon District Council to put an industrial site in the area of outstanding natural beauty at Sidford and to relocate and sell the parkland and gardens at the Knowle to private developers.

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“I am a strong supporter of Save our Sidmouth and will continue to work tirelessly to preserve our priceless assets.”

Nick Diprose said: “I am a qualified occupational safety & health specialist, presently studying for a BA Hons at Oxford.

“Having spent most of my working life involved in the performing arts, both as an actor and director, (also in my fourteenth year serving on the National Executive Committee of Equity), I have a keen interest in ensuring the survival of the Manor Pavilion as an important hub of the community.

“I have also supported Sidmouth Folk Festival for over a decade.

“Having lived in Sidmouth for 23 years, I am acutely aware that a realistic and workable solution to the ‘car parking problem’ needs to be found (and funded), that is acceptable to both visitors and residents alike; for both are equally important to the long-term success of the town.

“I am a Sid Vale Association member, but I fully appreciate that the town must look and move forward in order to survive.”

Polling is at the All Saints Church in All Saints Road from 7am until 10pm.