Sidmouth CCTV money will go to charity

Outstanding monies, donated for a planned CCTV system for Sidmouth town centre that was abandoned several years ago, will be given to charity if donors don’t claim it within the next three weeks.

Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce investigated the viability of installing a CCTV system and some �31,000 was donated, some of it anonymously, towards the project, by businesses and residents through the Sidmouth Herald, which backed the CCTV campaign.

Since pulling the plug on the scheme because of the costs and maintenance involved, the Chamber has managed to return most of the money.

However, despite extensive enquiries and a previous appeal in the Herald, there is still some money left unclaimed.

Now the Chamber wants to hear from anyone who feels they have a claim to any of this money, to contact the secretary, Sylvia Brownlee, on 01395 514011 before Friday, March 23.

After this date the outstanding sum will be donated to worthwhile local causes.