Sidmouth cliff-fall captured on camera by dog walker

Sidmouth resident describes witnessing latest cliff fall at Pennington Point

REGULAR dog walker John Austin, from Woolbrook Meadows, Sidmouth, was lucky enough to capture this cliff fall at Salcombe Cliffs while walking along the seafront recently.

“I looked up and witnessed yet another cliff fall at Pennington Point,” said John. “I estimate about 15-20 cubic metres of cliff fell to the beach with a large cloud of dust.”

It took a few seconds for him to get his camera from his pocket and you can see the results.

John said: “There was quite a big cloud of dust as it fell to the beach. Unfortunately the onshore wind was blowing the dust up the cliff face, so I missed the spectacle by just a few seconds. Next time I shall have the camera ready, just in case.”

* John has a solution to our recent Sparkler UFO alert story. He said: “We have seen these lights in the sky. At first we did not have a clue what it was, but we have now seen these lights on several evenings. They are Chinese lanterns. One went over our house and you could clearly see the flame.” Mystery solved...or is it.