Will’s ‘memories’ of Sidmouth inspire him to film latest music video

Musician Will O'Donoghue. Picture: Luke Fairhead

Musician Will O'Donoghue. Picture: Luke Fairhead - Credit: Archant

A musician who found comfort and creativity at a Sidmouth beauty spot has filmed his latest music video in the town.

Will O'Donoghue, from London, fell in love with Sidmouth aged four after his dad, Steve, brought him to Sidmouth Folk Festival.

The performer has been back to Sidmouth nearly every year since and says the town has been a 'calming and healing place' following the death of his mother while he was at the festival nine years ago. He walked up to the cliff top, at Alma Fields, and always goes to the spot when he is in Sidmouth.

He decided to make it the backdrop to the video for his latest track, Memories.

Mr O'Donoghue said: "In 2010 my mother tragically died while I was at the festival and the kindness I was shown by the people of Sidmouth was remarkable. I was an absolute mess and I remember distinctly walking up the same cliff I shot my video and watching the sea as I tried to come to terms with what had happened.

Will O'Donoghue filmed his music video in one take in Sidmouth. Picture: Will O'Donaghue

Will O'Donoghue filmed his music video in one take in Sidmouth. Picture: Will O'Donaghue - Credit: Archant

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"I've returned to the cliff every year I've been back since.

"It is a song about looking back fondly on a good relationship and as Sidmouth town was at the heart of that relationship I decided there was nowhere more fitting than to perform it on the cliff top overlooking the town."

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He studied at the British Academy of New Music in Bow East London, which he attended at the same time as Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora. Mr O'Donoghue said his parents were influences as his father performed and his mother was a published poet, inspiring him to write his own music from a young age. The London-based performer said when he was on a break from music, due to work, he was always drawn back and this year began releasing his music on social media and YouTube.

The video of Memories is one continuous take and required a number of run-throughs to ensure he had it right as he would not be able to check until he returned to his home in London.

Mr O'Donoghue said: "I just made sure I had a few good ones to choose from. I did get slightly distracted by a few friendly dogs on a couple takes though, which was rather amusing."

His latest project was to explore the open mic scene of 10 different UK cities to showcase his music and the acts he met along the way. His plan is to turn his releases into a studio EP or album next year.

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