Sidmouth councillor backs safer biking warning

Clear warning to bike safely from Devon County Council

AS Devon County Council issues its message “Enjoy Devon’s roads, but get home safely” to all road users this summer, it also launches new advice for motorcyclists to reduce the risks of group riding with advice on

The site also offers riding tips that could lead to crashes, including approaching junctions, urban riding, overtaking and cornering.

Sidmouth-based Councillor Stuart Hughes, DCC cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “Enjoying the glorious Devon scenery from the road is one of the pleasures of travelling by coach, car, motorcycle, bicycle or horse, but every year deaths and injuries are caused by those who become distracted, who fail to deal with slower moving traffic or who may push the limits of their driving or riding skills far beyond what is safe and acceptable on our public roads.

“Motorcyclists, so often riding for leisure rather than transport, may end up looking for a riding experience which is better suited to racing circuits.

“I would appeal to all road users, especially at this time of year when traffic increases on our roads, to behave in a way that shows appreciation for the consequences of any risks that may be taken.”

Sergeant Greg Jarrett, from the Devon & Cornwall Police Motorcycle Wing, added: “We want motorcyclists to enjoy riding the wonderful roads in Devon but the most important thing is that riders get home safely. Good riding is a skill which is best achieved through training.”