Sidmouth creates link stellar South Korea links

East Devon District Council employee Sulina Tallack with a replica of the Lockyer/Janssen Gold Medal

East Devon District Council employee Sulina Tallack with a replica of the Lockyer/Janssen Gold Medal, among other gifts - Credit: Archant

Observatories in Sidmouth and South Korea will share more than just the stars above when an exchange group presents a stellar gift.

A band of young professionals from across East Devon are trading places with a team from the Far East on a trip organised by Rotary International.

Led by Sidmouth resident Sally Wilcox, they have taken a number of gifts, including a medal from the Norman Lockyer Observatory (NLO).

Her fellow cultural ambassador, East Devon District Council employee Sulina Tallack, said: “The intention of this exchange is to foster international relations and support the development of young professionals in addition to raising awareness of Rotary’s initiatives.

“We will be working hard to deliver these objectives while we are in South Korea.

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“Meanwhile, our South Korean counterparts will be doing something similar in Devon.”

Sulina was an adviser to the NLO when the planetarium was being built, and she is taking leaflets to Kyung Hee Observatory in the hope of fostering cultural links.

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Observatory chairman David Strange said: “We send with her our best wishes from all of us at the NLO.”

Sally and Sulina are joined by police officer Ed Vallins and lawyer Lucy Seymour.

They will be delivering presentations on conflict resolution, so Sally said last month the rising tensions with North Korea should not put them off.

The group left on the month-long trip on Sunday.

Their South Korean counterparts will visit various parts of the county, including a day spent in the new community of Cranbrook, and stay with Rotary Club members.

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