Daffodils create the perfect subject for Sidmouth artists

Peak Hill adorned with daffodils

Peak Hill adorned with daffodils - Credit: Rebecca Lockyear

Rebecca Lockyear writes on behalf of Sidmouth Society of Artists who have been painting the spectacular daffodil floral displays around the Sid Valley.

“Sidmouth Daffodil Society invited Sidmouth Society of Artists to create a host of daffodil paintings to help them celebrate this magnificent season and add to their online event.

Bright young things

Bright young things - Credit: Susan Paradise

“This time of the year is so full of colour thanks to the gorgeous displays of daffodils throughout the town. It is little wonder that we all enjoy painting them so much.
“We are looking forward to emerging creatively after lockdown, blossoming with ideas of how to engage the community in art activities and we would love to encourage new members to join us.

Single daffodil

Single daffodil - Credit: Francetta Bridle

“If you have enjoyed being creative during lockdown or have recently moved to the area and want to meet new people interested in art, or just like to find out more, then please get in touch via our website: www.sidmouthsocietyofartists.btck.co.uk and our Sidmouth Society of Artists Facebook page.”

Daffodils in the light

Daffodils in the light - Credit: Sue Williams

For more information about Daffodil Day visit sidmouthdaffodilsociety.org.uk or see them on Facebook where you can enjoy their Virtual Daffodil Day 2021 celebration which also carries a link to the ITV News report “Sidmouth Turns Yellow”. It paints the full picture of the Daffodil Society and Keith Owen’s legacy to the town.

An abundance of spring

An abundance of spring - Credit: Melanie Bettridge

Duck and daffs

Duck and daffs - Credit: Cherry Ferris

Daffodils in the sun

Daffodils in the sun - Credit: Lynda Kettle

First light of spring

First light of spring - Credit: Alison Witchell

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