Sidmouth dog owner asks cyclists to take care after pet injured in The Byes

Rita Hughes with her dog Mitzi. Ref shs 45 17TI 3480. Picture: Terry Ife

Rita Hughes with her dog Mitzi. Ref shs 45 17TI 3480. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

A dog owner has hit out an anonymous cyclist who she claimed ‘purposely’ ran over her dog.

Rita Hughes is now calling on those who use the cycle and pedestrian route through the Byes to take care and be more considerate.

Six-year-old Mitzi was left bruised and had to be taken to the vets twice after the incident last Tuesday.

Mrs Hughes was walking along the path with friends around lunchtime when she says the cyclist approached yelling ‘you’re in the wrong lane.’

She said: “He made no attempt to brake and with a twist of his wheel and in his anger he purposely struck my little Lhasa Apso dog to the ground. In spite of our shouts he continued on his way without stopping.

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“She’s my little companion, she is a dear little thing and she did not deserve to be treated like that.”

The pensioner has made a plea through the Herald as signs before the pathway ask cyclists to give way to pedestrians.

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She added: “It is very difficult to hear cyclists approaching from behind. So please let everyone be safe, our loving pets included and fit a bell to your cycle and please do not use this track as a race track.

“That pathway is used by so many people and a lot of families walk down there and some people with more than two or three dogs.”

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