Sidmouth drug dealer sent to prison

Prison sentence “strong message” drug dealers will not be tolerated in Sidmouth

A SIDMOUTH man has been sent to prison for two years for possessing and supplying cocaine.

His conviction, says the local police chief, sends out a “strong message” that drug dealers will not be tolerated in the town.

Andrew Paul Nunn, 49, of Station Road, Sidmouth, was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court last Monday before Mr Recorder Stephen Parish.

Nunn had been previously convicted in August for four drug offences that took place last November.

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For supplying the Class A drug cocaine, and possessing it with an intent to supply, he received two year prison sentences for each offence.

For possessing cocaine he received six months imprisonment, and also six months for the possession of Class B drug cannabis.

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All sentences run concurrently.

Sidmouth Police Sergeant Andy Turner told the Sidmouth Herald: “Two local officers from Sidmouth police station were on patrol on November 7, 2009, and under stop and search powers, after forming a reasonable suspicion, stopped Nunn in High Street at 23.55 hours.”

Sgt Turner told town councillors during his monthly report on Monday: “This sends out a strong message that we will not tolerate drug dealers.

“I commend my officers, who have spent the best part of this year putting this job together.”

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