Lottery funding for fishermen's shed project

The fishermen's yard in Sidmouth

The fishermen's yard in Sidmouth - Credit: Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub

Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub have been awarded National Lottery funding to support the development of a new covid-safe creative space for wellbeing.

Thanks to nearly £10,000 of funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub plan to make the shed a cosy, welcoming and accessible place to create art and connect with their town’s heritage.

The Fishermen’s Shed Space is being repurposed with a sense of connection to the coastal environment and fishing heritage; nurturing opportunities to be creative, curious, share stories and traditions and connect with others.

In the space, local creative facilitators with community members will explore ideas and experiences through art, digital and creative skills workshops.

Working with volunteers and creative facilitators from our local network the activities will be delivered from early spring.

Thanks to the National Lottery funding the project will see the refurbishment of the Sidmouth Fisherman's Shed in which the town's annual Sea Fest organisers will take up permanent residence, creating a dedicated micro space where local people can meet and connect.

Louise Cole, Director at Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub, said: “The purpose of Sea Fest has always been to connect people to Sidmouth’s history and its relationship with the sea through art culture and community connection. The shed will eventually, when complete and it is safe to, provide a place where people can sit, connect, create and chat. I think that’s so important after the isolation of this last year”.

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“It’s in these places that creativity can be sparked for everybody,” continued Louise. “We don’t all have access to museums or art galleries. There is no cost or barrier for people to enjoy what we are doing here.”

These small creative opportunities will help people to feel connected and reduce their sense of isolation and to enhance their wellbeing.

Sidmouth Town Council, who are trustees of the Fishermen’s Shed’s, supported Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub’s project proposal earlier in the year and agreed to lease the space for this community purpose.

Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub are currently planning for Sidmouth Sea Fest 2021 which is due to take place on The Ham, on Saturday, May 22. The theme is Rockpools, Reefs and Reconnecting. The event will take place within the government guidelines at the time.

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