Sidmouth fundraiser Baz steps up Everest training

Sidmouth’s snowy Peak Hill is good training for Everest climb

WITH the challenge of climbing the 17,000 foot-high Mount Everest next March, Sidmouth resident Baz Breadmore has been making the most of the snow.

He spent Saturday walking up and down Peak Hill six times with his Saluki cross greyhound Wilfred, as part of his training, which he will soon step up.

“I go out training four times a week and Peak Hill is one of my routes,” said Baz, who lives in Water Lane.

“I’ve got all my Everest gear so I am well wrapped up, it is quite nice up there.”

He said he was trying to cover four to six miles every other day to get fit for the charity climb and has raised �3,000 of the �4,000 he needs to aid the British Heart Foundation.

This brings his total he has raised for charity over the years to �52,000.

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“There will be snow and I have to cross a glacier at one point on Everest,” said Baz, whose recent variety concert raised �1,600.

“Some of the days when I’m walking on Everest I will be doing seven to nine hours at an altitude that is demanding, so after Christmas I will up my training to 10-15 miles a day and I have joined a gym as well.”