Sidmouth Gig Club plans world domination

Seminar session motivates rowers

SIDMOUTH Gig Club rowers hope to take on the world after being put through their paces during a recent event.

Group members are even more determined that their fundraising bid will bag them a wooden gig- that will allow them to compete in the sport’s World Championships - after an indoor seminar at The Anchor Inn that was followed by a practical session on the sea.

Rihannon Halliday, a lecturer in fixed seat rowing from the Cornish Pilot Gig Association, gave an insight into technique and how it affects rowing power.

With illustrations from videos of her home club Caradon, based in Saltash, Rihannon demonstrated how sitting in the correct position and slight adjustments to holding oars could improve speed and fitness.

“As Caradon men were second, and the ladies were sixth, in the World Championships this year, the club was keen to pick up any tips,” said Sidmouth Gig Club member Val Huntington.

“We’ve been inspired to enter the World Championships as soon as possible.”

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A training session on the water with Caradon club members enabled around 30 Sidmouth rowers to put into practice what they had learned. The sport is among a few where there is no qualification to enter its World Championships, though participants must have a wooden gig.

Currently, Sidmouth only has a fibre glass training boat named Alma.

A fundraising drive is under way to land the club a competitive wooden gig as soon as possible.

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