Sidmouth Heath Centre issues swine flu advice

SIDMOUTH residents who fear they have swine flu have been told to stay away from the town s health centre.

SIDMOUTH residents who fear they have swine flu have been told to stay away from the town's health centre.

Ten Exeter University students tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, sparking bosses at Sidmouth's Blackmore Drive centre to issue advice to worried residents.

Practice Manager Rob Spargo said: "The main point is for people, who have flu symptoms or think they may have it or have been in contact with someone who has it or may have it, not to come to the GP surgery but use the information channels, like website and flu advice lines to get advice about what they should do.

"By keeping away from the surgery the chance of spreading the flu is reduced allowing doctors to continue to deal with all the other medical conditions."

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Anyone displaying 'flu-like symptoms has bee urged to contact their doctor by telephone or call the National Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1513 513 or NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

As the Herald went to press yesterday, the Health Protection Agency said the Exeter students were mildly affected by the virus and receiving appropriate medical care. They are expected to make a full recovery after treatment.

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