Sidmouth Hospiscare supporter wins its �1,000 lottery

Former nurse Mary, founder of East Cheshire Hospice, wins local Hospiscare draw

HEALTH and welfare matters have been part of Mary Mercer’s life for many years.

The trained nurse has devoted hours to working for Hospiscare, having founded the East Cheshire Hospice, Macclesfield, serving on its council for 20 years, and becoming involved with Sidmouth Hospiscare shop after moving to the town with second husband Desmond in 2001.

On Friday she became Hospiscare’s latest �1,000 lottery winner, and still hasn’t decided what to do with the windfall.

Mary, now in her 80s, lives at Redlands and said: “I’ve never won anything before, it was a surprise. I give the money willingly and don’t expect anything in return.”

A state registered nurse of University College Hospital, Mary did voluntary work after her first marriage and went into child adoption, “babies” and was secretary of the Manchester District Child Adoption Society and governor of the Lyme Green Paraplegic Settlement in Macclesfield for 25 years.

After being widowed she re-married and the couple moved to Sidmouth.

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Mary, who has a daughter and son, six grandchildren and four great grandchildren, said: “I support Sidmouth Hospiscare shop and take lots of things in to it.”