Sidmouth joins in Women’s World Day of Prayer

All invited to Sidmouth service for world day of prayer in March

SIDMOUTH will again join in Women’s World Day of Prayer on Friday, March 22.

There will be a service at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Radway, at 2.30pm – one of more than 5,000 services being held across Britain.

This year the service has been written by the women of Malaysia, with the them Let Justice Prevail. The day will be celebrated in 170 countries.

The service has a special meaning for Joan Bennett, who was vice chairman of the former Christians Together in Sidmouth, as she has celebrated it in a number of countries, including Zambia, where she lived for some years.

Joan, who lives in Vicarage Road, said: “We always finish with the hymn The day thou gavest Lord is Ended... Thus we feel united with other women right round the world.

“For me personally it reminds me of the church in Zambia where we celebrated this service together with local people, and also on a happy occasion when visiting New Zealand in March we were able to join with the service there.

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“I went to a meeting in South Africa and have assisted with it for several years, being the main speaker in 2005 when it was about South Africa.”

She described it as an exciting day, when a great wave of prayer sweeps the world, beginning when the first service is held in Tonga and continuing around the world until the final service takes place, some 35 hours later, in neighbouring Western Samoa.

Although organised and led by women, this is essentially a day of prayer for everybody and all are welcome to attend.

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