Sidmouth lifeboat escorts yacht to safety

A yacht was escorted to safety by Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat after it was reported in difficulty off Branscombe

Reports a yacht was in difficulty off Branscombe on Tuesday prompted Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat and Beer coastguard rescue officers to swing onto action.

Portland Coastguard received a call shortly after 5pm from a local fishing vessel reporting an 18ft yacht, Mudlark, with one person aboard appeared to be low on fuel.

The vessel, which was 50 yards from the beach, was escorted to safety by the lifeboat.

A Portland Coastguard spokesperson said: “The skipper was dissuaded from beaching the yacht and once Sidmouth lifeboat arrived on scene, they escorted the vessel to an anchorage at Beer.

“Beer Coastguards maintained a visual watch until the yacht was safely moored.”